Heathcotes Brasserie

May 1, 2001

Full House – Caterer & Hotelkeeper – June 1995

Heathcote’s second restaurant venture, Heathcotes Brasserie in Preston, Lancashire.

Although his name hangs above the door, Heathcote has no intention of cooking at the brasserie. Max Gnoyke, formerly sous chef at Heathcotes restaurant in nearby Longridge, will be making a name for himself at the stove.

“We are giving people what they want”, explains Gnoyke, “they just don’t know they want it yet!” Gnoyke sounds exhausted, having only had four hours’ sleep a night since opening, but ads: “I think it could be the place to be seen in Preston.”

The brasserie is already turning over more than 170 covers on Saturday nights and turning away half of that again because it cannot cope with the interest. “The queues are spilling on to the street”, says Heathcote, “we are trying to recruit more staff as quickly as possible.”

Heathcotes Brasserie, which seats 200, is on two floors. It offers a Seafood & Rotisserie Bar on the basement floor, and a bar/lounge area on the entrance floor, with half-a-dozen steps leading up to the main dining area.

Although the menu states that it combines “some modern British dishes coupled with influences from the Mediterranean, devised by Paul and Max”, Heathcote’s involvement has been more of an executive chef role, advising on Gnoyke’s dishes.

If everything goes to plan, Gnoyke intends to change the à la carte and bar menus quarterly.

“At the restaurant we were rather pigeon-holed; some of these dishes didn’t really sell at Heathcotes but here they are selling like hot cakes,” says Gnoyke.

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