Dorothee Cape Owner – Ahoy Cafe Ltd and Ofishial Foods Ltd

October 4, 2015

Max Gnoyke provided invaluable support to us as we planned the launch of our new QSR brand “Ahoy Cafe”

I was demanding in the specification. I wanted to offer products that were simply better than anything else available in any retail or QSR outlet with a particular emphasis on fish, healthy eating and completely gluten free. I also wanted our products to simply burst with flavours from around the world.

From the start Max was keen to understand the business proposition and invested a considerable amount of time in questioning and listening to ensure he fully understood the brief. We then moved into to the development stage. Max offered long lists of options from which we selected our favourites.

Then came the fun bit, working with Max in the kitchen creating the prototypes and continually tasting, checking, and adjusting along the way. These were exhausting days as Max works hard and very long hours but this approach enabled us to develop a great range very quickly

I would describe Max and proactive, creative, consultative and very, very hard working.
The end result of our work was a range of products that were simply better than anything else available.

We have not yet launched the QSR brand as we planned, but instead have moved into the ready meal market selling directly to the end consumers. The products Max developed are a key part of this range and are selling like hot (fish) cakes!

He also makes a mean bacon sarnie!

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