Full of Flavour is a hospitality and restaurant consultancy service based around the knowledge and experience of Max Gnoyke.


From an early start in the industry I have always had a dedication for quality, people and a commitment to the business I am part of.

With Full of Flavour this could be applied to your enterprise.

This is achieved by me being a catalyst to bring the best out of a team at either executive or ‘cliff face’ level, using an open and proactive approach which delivers an innovative and exciting experience to your customers whilst maintaining and growing a profitable business.

This has evolved over the years to focus on Team, Customer and Profit; the cornerstones of every successful business.

From cooking at the top level of the industry to running a multi-million-pound restaurant group  and communicating at board level as a managing director; the level of experience and advice available is all-encompassing and is tailored to suit each client.


Either drawing on my own knowledge and experience or through my connections within the industry any manner or size of project can be fulfilled. This is equally applicable within an existing operation or as part of creating a new business from scratch.

Any area of your business can be focussed on;

  • Concept creation
  • Project management
  • Kitchen and bar design
  • Menus, wines and bar lists
  • Food development and recipes
  • Suppliers and purchasing (food, wet, light equipment and CCG)
  • Recruitment, training, change management
  • Financial control, profit, establishing KPIs
  • Event management
  • Business mentoring

Please feel free to discuss your individual requirements.